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Mercer County Women's Modified Softball

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Rules of Play

Mercer County Women’s Modified Softball

Adult Women’s League

Spring 2006





To provide an opportunity for interested persons to play organized softball.  Fair play and sportsmanship are the responsibility of every player and captain.




Players must be at least 18 years of age or older prior to participation in league play.  All players must have their names, home addresses, and home phone numbers on the team roster/waiver form BEFORE they can participate in any Mercer County Women’s Modified Softball game.




  1. All teams should send a captain (or team representative) to attend the Captain’s Meeting.


NOTE: Modifications to the league, including, but not limited to rules and awards, may take place at the Captain’s Meeting. Failure of a team representative to attend shall not exempt that team from any modifications that may be made.


  1. All captains are expected to inform their players concerning all rules and regulations prior to the first game and as many times thereafter as necessary to make sure that no violations will occur.


  1. It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure all league fees, roster and waivers are submitted and paid.


  1. All captains are expected to inform their players of scheduled games, schedule changes, make-ups and standing.


  1. Captains are responsible for notifying the League of a change of address and/or phone number.


  1. It is the captain’s responsibility to check the score each inning to insure accuracy and to check the final score which is listed on the official score sheet and to report to the league and news publications, i.e. the Trentonian, The Trenton Times and The Packet.


  1. Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their team members and any team spectators.


  1. Only team captains are to discuss a disagreement with an umpire.


  1. If it is known that the captain will be unavailable during a certain period of time, it is the responsibility of that captain to call the League and submit another contact name and number. If other than the co-captain.









1.       All teams must submit an official roster/waiver. Roster/waivers must include each player’s name, address, home phone number and signature. Photo ID should be should be available at all games.


2.       Players must be at least 18 years of age or older prior to participation in league play.


3.       A player may only play on one team in each league. If a player is on more than one team’s roster in a given league, she will be declared ineligible for that league.


4.       Any team giving false information on a roster shall be dismissed from the league without any money being refunded.


5.       Rosters will consist of a maximum of twenty (20) players.




1.       Do not assume games are cancelled because of weather conditions. Every effort will be made to play the games, even in light rain. If games are determined to be playable and your team does not show, you will lose by forfeit. If there are any questions as to whether a game is cancelled due to weather conditions, information will be available by calling 609-448-7241 or by visiting the league website at http://mcsoftball.2005.tripod.  Rainout and cancellation information will be available after 4:30 pm. It is the captain’s responsibility to contact their players.


2.       If, during a game, weather conditions force a stoppage of play before the game is considered official, a fifteen (15) minute rain delay shall be in effect. If after fifteen (15) minutes, conditions have not improved so as to continue the game, the game shall be called off and completed at a later date.


3.       In the event that weather conditions force a second stoppage of play before the game is considered official, the game shall be called off and completed at a later date.


4.       If lightning is present, all games are stopped and there will be a ten (10) wait until the game may restart after the last lightning was seen, upon the discretion of the umpire.


5.       Rainouts will be rescheduled following the regular season or as late-season doubleheaders (schedule permitting).


6.       Teams will be given as much advance notice for all make up games as possible.





1.       The MCWMS reserves the right to modify any and all softball schedules as necessary to operate the league


2.       Anytime there are make ups, rescheduling, rain outs, playoffs, etc., they will be scheduled according to the availability of Mercer County Park facilities and staff.





1.       ASA rules apply except where the MCWMS has made adaptations.


2          A team consists of nine (9) players, ten (10) if the extra player (EP) is used. In order to start a game, at least eight (8) players must be present. If a player is ejected for inappropriate conduct, the player’s place may not be taken by anyone else, forcing a team to play short a player for the remainder of the game. An automatic out will be assessed each time that player would have batted. If an EP is designated and not present, an out will be recorded each time the EP is to bat.


3.       Game balls will be provided. The home team may keep the game ball.


4.       Scorebooks will be provided.





1.       A team must have at least eight (8) players to start a game, and may add a ninth (9) at any time.


2.       Games are scheduled for seven (7) innings or ninety (90) minutes. In case of rain, a five (5) inning game will be official ( four and one-half innings if the home team is winning).


3.       A fifteen (15) run mercy rule after four (4) and ten (10) runs after five (5) if the home team is winning.


4.       A new inning may not begin after the start of the next regularly scheduled game.  If the score is tied after the ninety (90) minutes, the International Tie-Breaker Rule will be used.


5.       Metal cleats are not allowed.


6.       The infield fly rule applies.


7.       Players must avoid contact.  If a player fails to avoid contact and there is substantial physical contact in the judgment of the umpire, the runner shall be declared out and immediately ejected.


8.       To appeal a play for a missed base – ask the umpire BEFORE the next pitch.


9.       Fake tags will NOT be tolerated.


10.   Player Conduct – Players must respect the umpire.  Mercer County Women’s Modified Softball Officials, and other players. Player’s behavior is the responsibility of the player and captain of that team. Any player ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct will be automatically suspended for a MINIMUM of two (2) additional games. Any further suspension(s) will be at the discretion of the League Committee. Further unsportsmanlike conduct may result in forfeiture of games and/or suspensions.

















1.       Batter is out if she throws the bat.


2.       Bunting is  allowed.


3.       A batter is out if she hits three (3) foul balls after two (2) strikes.


4.       Bats must be covered with a non-slip tape of other approved material (minimum of ten (10) inches.)


5.       In all games in which a double first base is used, the batter-runner shall automatically be declared out if, on a play on the infield, she touches only the white portion of the base.


6.       Helmets are required.






1.       No stealing. However, leading is allowed on the release and if a play is made upon a base runner, any base runner can advance after retouching the base. 


2.       Leadoffs are allowed upon release of a pitched ball.


3.       Medical runners must be declared/designated prior to the first pitch. Runner has to be the last out.


4.       Courtesy runner remains at 3 per person per game. 




  In order to determine a league champion, the tiebreaker will be based on


  1) League standing during the regular season

  2) Head to head competition

  3) Record against common opponents




  1. Game time is forfeit time!! If a team fails to have at least 8 rostered players by game time, the game will be awarded to the opposing team. Once an umpire declares a game forfeited, the game cannot be played.  Please carry enough rostered players so as to not forfeit during the season.


  1. Grace Period – There will be a fifteen (15) minute grace period for the 7:00pm games only. Should a team fail to have the minimum number of players required to begin the game upon conclusion of the grace period, the game shall be declared a forfeit and awarded to the opposing team.












The umpire and a member of the league committee must be notified at the time of the protest in order to gather pertinent information (i.e. score, inning, time elapsed, etc.) In addition, the captain must submit any protest in writing, along with a twenty-five ($25) fee, within twenty-four (24) hours of the game in question. Judgment calls cannot be protested. If the protest is valid, the protest fee will be returned.  If the protest is not allowed, the protest fee will not be returned.  Rule protests will not be allowed in any post-season tournaments.






  1. Players or captains in violation of the following shall be ejected from the game in which they are participating, as well as a minimum of two (2) additional games:


  1. Active participation in any type of disorderly conduct (fighting, etc) will result in expulsion from the league for a minimum of one (1) full year, beginning the day of the incident, for the player and possibly the team


  1. We ask that you respect the rights of the umpires and the Park Staff.  If, for any reason, an umpire of Park Staff is verbally threatened, physically threatened, or struck by a player or captain before, during or after a game, that person will be expelled from participation in any adult leagues indefinitely.


  1. Use of excessive foul language by spectators, or spectators in possession of alcohol on park property, must be policed by their respective team members.  Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of the game.


  1. Use of any un-rostered (illegal) player will result in the forfeiture of the game in which she is caught illegally playing.


  1. In the event that a team suspects that the opposing team is using an un-rostered (illegal) player, a roster check may be requested.  At that time all players from both teams will be required to produce photo identification.


  1. Should the roster check occur prior to the beginning of the game, all players without photo identification will not be allowed to play.  Should the roster check occur during the game, the game shall immediately be stopped and photo identification of all players from both teams will be checked.  Any players unable to produce photo identification at that time shall be declared an un-rostered (illegal) player.


      NOTE: Roster checks must be called prior to the completion of the 1st inning of play.


In either situation, applicable forfeit rules apply, including the possibility of a double forfeit.  In addition the time taken to complete the roster check shall be considered as part of the ninety (90) minute time limit.


Please note that catchers are required to wear a mask and  a helmet beginning spring 2007 season.


Schedule For 2007 Spring Season MCWMS




Friday April 27th

Rained out

to be played on June 15th

Field 2

7pm    5 vs. 4  

8:45 pm  4 vs. 3

Field 1 

7pm   2 vs. 3

8:45 pm  2 vs. 5


Friday May 4th

Field 2

7pm  5 vs. 1

8:45pm  5 vs. 2

Field 1

7pm  3 vs. 2

8:45pm  1 vs. 3


Friday May 11th

Field 2

7pm  4 vs. 1

8:45pm 1 vs. 5

Field 1

7pm   3 vs. 5

8:45pm  4 vs. 2


Friday May 18th

Field 2

7pm   5 vs. 3

8:45pm   4 vs. 5

Field 1

7pm    1 vs. 4

8:45pm   2 vs. 1


Friday May 25th

Field 2

7pm     2 vs. 1

8:45pm    4 vs. 2

Field 1

7pm   4 vs. 3

8:45 pm   1 vs. 3


Friday June 1st

Field 2

7pm  4 vs. 5

8:45pm  5 vs. 2

Field 1

7pm   3 vs. 2

8:45pm   3 vs. 4


Friday June 8th

Field 2

7pm    1 vs. 5

8:45pm   2 vs. 5

Field 1

7pm   2 vs. 3

8:45pm   3 vs. 1


Friday June 15th



Friday June 22nd

Field 2

7pm  1 vs. 4

8:45pm   5 vs. 1

Field 1

7pm   5 vs. 3

8:45pm  2 vs. 4


Friday June 29th

Field 2

7pm   3 vs. 5

8:45pm  5 vs. 4

Field 1

7pm   4 vs. 1

8:45pm  1 vs. 2


Friday July 6th

Field 2  

7pm  Team 1 vs. Team 2

8:45 pm  Team 2 vs. Team 4

Field 1

7pm  Team 3 vs. Team 4

8:45 pm  Team 3 vs. Team 1


Each team will need to contribute $10.00 per game towards umpire fees at each game.


Playoffs will be held on Friday July 13th.  The top 4 teams will play in single elimination followed by a one round championship game. 


There is a $50.00 fee for any game that is forfeit, to be paid by offending team.  If your team forfeits more than 2 games, that team will forfeit the league. 


All rainout games will be added to the end of the season. 




Team 1   Angel on 3rd

Team 2   Diamond Girls

Team 3   PBA 130

Team 4   TJ’S

Team 5   The Drifters

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend