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Mercer County Women's Modified Softball

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League Rules

These rules are used in addition to rules found in the ASA rule book.



       ASA Modified rules apply. Teams must be ASA sanctioned.

       Each team must be uniformed with the same color shirts, including 6-inch numbers on the back.  In the case of layered clothing, these shirts must be the outermost layer.

       No metal spikes will be permitted.  The offending player will be immediately removed from the game, and will be suspended from playing in the team’s next game.

       All catchers must wear a catcher’s mask.  Failing or refusing to wear the mask will result in the immediate removal of that player from the game.   There will be no exceptions.

       No children or pets in the dugouts or on the field.



       In all instances, unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated by any player, coach, or manager.  Any discrepancy or discussion regarding an event during the game being played shall be brought to the attention of the umpire, only after timeout is requested and approved by the umpire.





Regulation softballs will be provided to each team prior to the start of the season.  Each team will be required to provide one (1) new softball for each game.


In accordance with the league schedule, the home team is responsible for maintaining the “Official” scorebook for that game.  Each team must provide their own scorebook and rule book. 


The maximum number of players on the field for each team is nine (9).  Games may be played with a minimum of eight (8).

No bunting.


No stealing.


Leading is permitted upon release of the ball from the pitcher’s hand while in the act of delivering the ball to the batter.


When the catcher is making a play on a base runner, the ball is considered “live”, or in play, and all base runners have the option of advancing to the next base after tagging up.


Once the ball is returned to the pitcher from the catcher, the base runner(s) must return to their respective bag(s).


Foul out rule will be as follows: After 2 strikes the batter will then be given 2 fouls on the 3rd foul the batter will then be out.


Each team will be allowed three (3) courtesy runners per game.  This person can be the last out, or someone on the bench that is not currently active in the game. 


Batting helmets are optional.  Should a team choose to wear helmets, then each team is responsible for supplying the proper helmet.


Re-entry rules apply.  Any player may be substituted or replaced and re-entered once, providing players occupy the same batting positions whenever in the lineup.  Players may not re-enter a second time.  The starting player and their substitute may not be in the line-up at the same time.


An extra hitter (EH) will be allowed.  An EH may be placed into the batting order as an extra offensive player only. That player cannot be a fielder while playing as EH.


There will be a 10 minute grace period beyond the scheduled start time of the first game only.  Upon expiration of the grace period, a forfeit will be assessed to the offending team.


Game times will not exceed 90 minutes. 


In the event of a tie, the International tiebreaker will be applied.  The International tiebreaker states that the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective inning being placed on second base.  If the number four batter is scheduled to bat first in that inning, then the number three batter will be placed on second base.



Mercy rules apply as follows:

            15 runs after 4 innings of play

            10 runs after 5 innings of play





1ST Offense will result in a warning to the offending team. 


2nd Offense will result in the assessment of a penalty to the offending team in the amount of $40.00 payable to MCWMS.  Failure to pay will result in the removal of the delinquent team from the remaining schedule.


3rd Offense will result in the offending team’s dismissal from the league, with no refund of the league fee.







Following the completion of regularly scheduled games, playoffs will be held.  The top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs with a single elimination format, then the remaining 2 teams will play in a best of 3. 


Players must have participated in a minimum of 5 regular season games to play in the playoffs. 






         Call Mercer County Park for rainout information at (609) 448-7241. 

          Games that are cancelled in the event of rain, or other inclement weather or condition, will be rescheduled at the league’s discretion.

         The decision to play the game due to inclement weather will be posted at http://MCSOFTBALL2005.TRIPOD.NET on the day of the game. 



Please refer to the ASA rule book for pitching regulations. 

Schedule For 2007 Spring Season MCWMS




Friday April 27th

Rained out

to be played on June 15th

Field 2

7pm    5 vs. 4  

8:45 pm  4 vs. 3

Field 1 

7pm   2 vs. 3

8:45 pm  2 vs. 5


Friday May 4th

Field 2

7pm  5 vs. 1

8:45pm  5 vs. 2

Field 1

7pm  3 vs. 2

8:45pm  1 vs. 3


Friday May 11th

Field 2

7pm  4 vs. 1

8:45pm 1 vs. 5

Field 1

7pm   3 vs. 5

8:45pm  4 vs. 2


Friday May 18th

Field 2

7pm   5 vs. 3

8:45pm   4 vs. 5

Field 1

7pm    1 vs. 4

8:45pm   2 vs. 1


Friday May 25th

Field 2

7pm     2 vs. 1

8:45pm    4 vs. 2

Field 1

7pm   4 vs. 3

8:45 pm   1 vs. 3


Friday June 1st

Field 2

7pm  4 vs. 5

8:45pm  5 vs. 2

Field 1

7pm   3 vs. 2

8:45pm   3 vs. 4


Friday June 8th

Field 2

7pm    1 vs. 5

8:45pm   2 vs. 5

Field 1

7pm   2 vs. 3

8:45pm   3 vs. 1


Friday June 15th



Friday June 22nd

Field 2

7pm  1 vs. 4

8:45pm   5 vs. 1

Field 1

7pm   5 vs. 3

8:45pm  2 vs. 4


Friday June 29th

Field 2

7pm   3 vs. 5

8:45pm  5 vs. 4

Field 1

7pm   4 vs. 1

8:45pm  1 vs. 2


Friday July 6th

Field 2  

7pm  Team 1 vs. Team 2

8:45 pm  Team 2 vs. Team 4

Field 1

7pm  Team 3 vs. Team 4

8:45 pm  Team 3 vs. Team 1


Each team will need to contribute $10.00 per game towards umpire fees at each game.


Playoffs will be held on Friday July 13th.  The top 4 teams will play in single elimination followed by a one round championship game. 


There is a $50.00 fee for any game that is forfeit, to be paid by offending team.  If your team forfeits more than 2 games, that team will forfeit the league. 


All rainout games will be added to the end of the season. 




Team 1   Angel on 3rd

Team 2   Diamond Girls

Team 3   PBA 130

Team 4   TJ’S

Team 5   The Drifters

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend